Thursday, 1 November 2018

UiTM Dengkil

Hi and Salam UiTM Di Hatiku.

Wow it's been such a long time since I last wrote something on this blog and I can't believe that I decided to write about UiTM Dengkil. So if you want futher information, you can refer to CFS UiTM's page, I'm just going to share my experience here, so let's make it casual.

Pertama sekali, UiTM Dengkil merupakan pusat asasi UiTM (Centre Foundation Studies), well it's quite disturbing somehow whenever people asked what course that I decided to pursue in diploma.

" Oh Hasni study mana sekarang ?"
"UiTM Dengkil"
"Oh, ambil diploma apa ?"


Do our society even know that CFS UiTM exist ? Well, can't blame them, sebab aku pun baru tahu masa isi UPU last year hahaha.

UiTM Dengkil menawarkan 4 program asasi which is

  1. Asasi Sains
  2. Asasi Kejuruteraan
  3. Asasi Undang-Undang (UiTM dan KPTM)
  4. Asasi TESL (Teaching English as Second Language)
Beza antara Asasi Sains dan Asasi Kejuruteraan cuma Biology dan CSC (computer science) , science student will go with biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics while engineering student will have csc, chemistry, physics and mathematics. 

So I'm taking science foundation in UiTM Dengkil.

There's so many reason to love UiTM Dengkil, from food, scenery, aeroplane, lecturer and friends everything is so perfect. Fyi, I'm one of Committees of Rohani Asasi Dengkil (COMRADE) 's club members. Trust me, you will not regret for joining this club.

Langit Dengkil

  Padang Bola Tualang (view dari PTAR)

View daripada Perpustaakan Tunku Abdul Rahman (PTAR)

Perpustaakan Tunku Abdul Rahman (PTAR) Aras 4 (Quiet Zone)

If you want a quiet place, you can come here, It is super duper quiet.

View dari Bangunan Progresif I think

View dari Bangunan Pentadbiran  Aras 6

My favourite lepak place, Tasik Tualang (because it's so near with Tualang)

Again, Langit Dengkil. I'm in love.

I just realized I don't have much photo of Dengkil (scenery photo) I do have a lot of photo in Padang Etika, Pusat Islam and Class hahaha but I don't feel like revealing them. Sorry all of the photo I just took it using my phone (samsung) so it might not be so pretty. But trust me you'll love to be here.

If you are reading this because you are a new student that's looking forward to study in Dengkil, trust me you're making the right choice. Any inquiries you can reach me on twitter @namirahanis. Thanks for reading.